Because the multi-event format of our 40th reunion in 2008 proved so successful and enjoyable, a local group of about fifteen of our classmates (including our Senior Class President, the now-happily-retired Dr. Bill Saul in Logan, Utah) recently, and unanimously, approved a 50th reunion plan structured in the same way (albeit, with new event venues).  You may recall that the registration fee for our 40th reunion ten years ago was $50.00 per adult, and we’ve tried our best to economize this time around without sacrificing the quality of the reunion experience – however, and not surprisingly, the per person costs associated with the Saturday evening buffet dinner arrangements (which constitute most of the overall reunion expenses) have risen by more than $10 since our 2008 reunion, so we’ve had no choice but to build an extra $10 into what now will be a registration fee of $60.00 per adult for the 50th reunion in order to break even (but there’s still no extra charge for any children or grandchildren you may bring to the Saturday morning continental brunch event described below).

Because we now live in a fundamentally all-electronic age, and to avoid the considerable expense and logistical hassle associated with repeated hard-copy mailings (except with respect to your submission of the Registration Form and registration fee payment check), we’re going to attempt to rely this time around entirely on electronic communications to get the announcement of the 50th reunion distributed to our classmates (and as discussed further below, we will need your help in that regard).  Howard Burnett is sending an e-mail to the most recently available classmate e-mail addresses contained in the PHS Class of 1968 master contact list from our 40th reunion.

Please spread the word right away to all of our classmates – by telephone, by forwarding Howard's e-mail, by postings on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and through any and all other forms of social media in which you participate – about the August 3-4 dates of the upcoming reunion.  We will be updating this website from time to time between now and the reunion.  However, starting right away, please do all that you can to alert all of our classmates for whom you have contact information about the immediate availability on this website of all of the reunion details, schedules, event locations and Registration Form.  Don’t worry for a second about potentially doubling-up or tripling-up on the 50th reunion notifications received by our classmates – at our age, redundant repetition, over and over again, more than once, is a good thing…. 

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